"Chinese corner" appeared in the Katowice climate change conference

Action on climate change China won praise

Newspaper reporter Yu Yang in Poland

In December 2018 06, 07:50 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

December 4th afternoon local time, the UN climate change conference in Katowice exhibition area "China corner" crowded by the Chinese Green Carbon Fund sponsored by the theme of "multi function to promote carbon trading becomes beautiful scenery jinshanyinshan activities held here. This is the first time the conference on climate change, "China corner" organized by the side of the activities, in the next two weeks, "China corner" will be held in 25 on the sidelines of the activities, the Chinese in energy saving and emission reduction, green development, promote the practice and experience in climate change.

The United Nations climate change conference is considered the "Paris agreement" a meeting since the signing of the key, will complete the detailed rules for the implementation of "Paris agreement" negotiations, the real release of this Agreement on climate change potential. In recent years, China promote environmental governance effect, become the focus of the conference on climate change concerns, "Chinese corner" has become one of the most popular Exhibition Conference on climate change.

The climate change conference "China corner" with blue and white based colors, dotted with green elements, the entire site is spacious and bright, simple decoration. At the entrance of the booth, stocked with "Chinese in response to climate change policies and actions of the 2018 annual report". It is understood that the "Chinese angle" arrangement reduces decorative details, functional focus of exchange and sharing, this also with climate change conference theme fit.

During this time the climate change conference, hundreds of Chinese and foreign guests will board the "Chinese angle" platform, practice and experience sharing and exchange China in response to climate change. They are representatives from China ecological environment department and Ministry of science and technology sharing environment protection policy Chinese, from Tibet and Zhejiang local environmental departments about China green development story, with representatives of enterprises and non-governmental organizations to introduce the development of Chinese environmental protection industry, some experts and scholars from around the world and in charge of the enterprise share observations and Reflections on Chinese environmental governance.

Lu Xinming, deputy director of Chinese ecological environment ministry department of climate change, said: "the first task of the climate change conference Chinese delegation is to ensure the timely completion of the" rules for the implementation of the Paris agreement "negotiations, China hope and representatives of the parties to each other and, constructive participation in the talks, and jointly promote the completion of negotiations. Chinese also hope that in the 'Chinese corner' and the rest of the world can share the experience and practice China, make full use of the climate conference this platform, together with other countries to jointly cope with climate change."

Practice and experience of Chinese climate change has also been widely recognized and praised the country. "China has completed 3 years ahead of the 2020 emission reduction target, Chinese in achieving their own climate goals into impressive." The seventy-third session of the UN General Assembly President Espinosa said, "I believe China practices are instructive for many countries, it is more important Chinese increasing confidence in the energy-saving emission reduction targets, control of climate change. In front of the climate change crisis, some people still in the time of climate change completely indifferent, confidence and responsibility is particularly important."

According to the plan, the conference will take place at the end of this month 14, the focus of this year's conference is to discuss the detailed rules for the implementation of "Paris agreement", a lot of differences between the parties, and to promote the role of China reached a consensus in the conference of the parties of particular concern.

(Poland, Katowice, December 5)

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 21 Edition)

(Yang Sengyu, even pure commissioning editor)