Electric competition is not the same as online shopping.

09 November 2018, 08:56 source: qianjiang evening news

There are boys and girls in the contest.

The news that iG won the championship has begun to affect the Hangzhou electric competition town. How does the insiders view the industry under dispute?

At the Wuzhen summit, Kenneth Fok said, the more important thing is to build up a bridge of communication so that young people can find their own identity and the way out for the future.

Since 2016, "E-sports and management" has become one of the supplementary courses of the Ministry of education, many colleges and universities in the country have opened this course, and some even have directly set up the field of professional competition.

There has been a different voice about electric competition. There is a saying that "too many children in China have not received the influence of sports. In popular terms, they have not yet tasted the pleasure of physical exercise and achievement, and they were immediately captured by the electric race." This is also a common concern among many parents.

In Zhejiang, a computer university teacher opened a public elective course in 2011. Up to now, more than 1000 students have chosen this course.

In June this year, the first Zhejiang electric college announced its establishment. In Hangzhou, there is also a competition town.

Is there any future in learning electric contest? How is the industry around the competition? Qian Bao reporter conducted an investigation.

Visiting the town of electric competition: popularity is rising.

Hangzhou electric competition town is located in the Shiqiao street of Wulin new town in Xiacheng District. The town planning, which was launched last year, has a total area of 3.1 square kilometers. As of the end of September, the town has introduced a total of more than 120 competitive entertainment companies, of which 72% are related to the electric industry.

On the morning of 8, the Qianjiang Evening News reporter came to this small town of electric competition, and the young and young people came into and out of the town.

The news that iG won the championship has already affected here. In the town hall, a young girl told reporters to come to the interview and said, "is it because the iG won the championship?"

"Actually, starting from this year, we can feel that the whole society is paying more attention to the competition industry." Hangzhou electric power entertainment Town Management Committee responsible person said, there are two signs to illustrate this point, the first is to go to the CMC to inquire, intending to enter the business here increased; two, many departments and agencies volunteered to want to carry out some resource docking with the town, "we used to take the initiative to go."

Adhere to the present until now.

Chen Yanlin is the head of Hangzhou China sports development limited. As an insider, he said that iG won the championship is absolutely good.

"Making the industry get policy recognition and promoting changes in social attitudes has always been regarded as a sport, but now it can be recognized as a sports competition."

Chen Yanlin, who was born in 1981, established the company as early as 2007. He described the early years of the competition industry as barbaric growth. "No rules, no guarantees. Many people are interested in doing this. If we say that this line is good in the past, it is purely because of personal preference, but now it is optimistic about the whole industry chain.

"Our company is the most difficult time around 2013, because the society is biased against electric competition and has a hard time." Chen Yanlin said that many people quit the industry at that stage. "A few people stuck to their teeth and insisted on it until now."

Last September, an important reason why Chen Yanlin moved the company from west to town is that the industry's supporting policies are good. Since two years ago, Chen Yanlin felt that more and more people were competing around the company. Such companies also sprang up like mushrooms. Chen Yanlin is very optimistic about the competition industry. "It will definitely exceed any traditional sports in the past."

By earning money through electric competition, the family understands it too.

At the beginning of its establishment, Hangzhou electric competition town had a very influential thing in the electric industry. That is to promote the LGD club and its LPL League. At present, the LGD alliance competition hall, which can accommodate 800 people, has been put into trial operation.

The LGD club has not yet been listed in the office of the electric Games Town, where the main players are training venues, and two offices are filled with computers.

Lu Rui, a 20 year old (a pseudonym), holds a bowl of porridge and opens the computer while eating breakfast. He became a professional player 3 years ago.

"I used to be a teenager with internet addiction. I didn't finish reading after I finished high school." Lu Rui said with some self deprecating, "at the very beginning, the family certainly did not support it, but later they could make money, and they would not speak."

Lu Rui describes his life as eating, sleeping, playing games and training for more than 10 hours a day. So far, hundreds and hundreds of matches have been played.

Speaking of the difference between playing games and playing online games in general, Lu Rui called: "the difference is great." "Most people are entertainment. We are professionals. We usually train, lose, we must continue to re plate, continuous practice, not outside the game every day to see the game is so simple.

Competition in schools: competition is not equivalent to online games.

"In fact, my initial idea was to be interested in myself, and to invest in the students." I am learning computers, and I know something about electric games. I will open a course so that students can relax and learn something.

In 2011, Zhou Weida, a post-80s teacher at the school of information, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, set up the public elective course "Introduction and practice of the world E-sports competition". The venue was in the laboratory room of the college, with a total number of 100 people per Monday.

Because of the word "E-sports", this course is particularly interesting.

"Three people in our dormitory reported that I was the only one." In the last semester, duer, who had chosen this course, was lucky.

Actually, this class is not just playing games, but Zhou will introduce some of the history of development and related theoretical knowledge. In fact, competition is not equal to online games. This is what teachers will emphasize in class. After all, the real experience of playing games is that the computer room of a school is definitely not as good as a professional Internet cafe. Du said.

"All men and women who choose courses are not disappointed." A girl said.

Zhou Weida frankly told his public elective courses and professional courses of electronic competition is not a level, "I will talk about basic knowledge and skills, and professional must involve many courses, but also with industry management, industry chain and so on."

Zhou Weida also pointed out: "primary and secondary school students should play less games, and the way of professional competitive players is not so simple. It is impossible to become a top player in the industry without training for 10 hours a day. To a certain extent, it may be more tired than going to school. "

Qian Bao reporter learned that E-sports and management were one of the 13 majors added by the Ministry of education in September 2016.

In June this year, Zhejiang Eastern Career Academy and Wenzhou super spirit Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony to jointly build the first electric power college in our province.

According to Professor Zhang Xiaobing, the Institute of industry and learning cooperation, the school of electrical engineering has been established, but it has not been formally enrolled. He said he will recruit 50 students in the first class next year.

Young people need self-identity and future solutions.

At the Internet Summit in Wuzhen, Kenneth Fok, vice president of Henry Fok group and chairman of the Asian Games Association, said that although E-sports is a small part of Internet culture, it has become the second largest sport in the world. The more important thing is to build up a bridge between young people and help them find professional values and sense of existence, self identity and future solutions.

Wang Xiaohui, chief content officer of Iqiyi, said that entertainment does not mean superficiality, and mass culture always faces young people.

In Wuzhen, the theme of E-sports was launched on the afternoon of 7. The current situation and future development of E-sports have become the focus of attention.

Qian Bao reporter learned that in recent years, China has become the largest competitive market in the world. However, the huge talent gap in the competition industry has led to the development of the industry.

According to the analysis released by Gamma data in May 2017, the number of practitioners in China's electric industry reached 50 thousand, and the industry talent gap reached 260 thousand. Among them, apart from the lack of competitive players, the post of electronic competition management requires practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of the rules and mode of operation of e-sports, and there is also a difficult phenomenon.

Zhao Pinqi, the player's CEO, said the survey found that the number of people aged 18-25 years old was over 8. In the case, college students account for more than 5 of the total. "The current situation is improving, and many parents' understanding of electric competition is no longer as inconsistent as they used to be."

Zhao Mingyi, director of Shanghai video boxing Culture Communication Co., Ltd., seems to be changing the concept of electric competition. Competition is not a "play" industry, but a career.

Zhao Mingyi felt that the winning of iG was exciting, and the competition industry had already surpassed its core market and had more and more contacts and connections with other industries. The competition industry is a systematized industry, and its derivatives industry can support billions of industrial scale. Therefore, the training of competitive talents is imperative.

Tencent's director of electronic competition, Kim Yi Bo, feels that what they need to do now is to correctly guide and develop the competition industry, and gradually resolve the existing problems. But he said, "we need to be more rational." (reporter Wu Zhaoxiang, Li Lingling, Chen Weibin)

(Editor: Ding Yixin, Dong Jing)