Many heating from the limited production "across the board" to "pollution" enterprise switch

In November 2018 09, 08:56 source: Economic Information Daily

With the heating season, a new round of peak production curtain. Reporters learned that, as the first to win the blue sky to defend the crucial period of action plan three years of war, the autumn and winter of this year many high emission industry peak production plan from the previous single mode, more detailed specific provisions, "pollution" enterprise "switch". At present, iron and steel, coke no start was limited, plus the company ahead of this year, the peak limiting the impact probability is less than expected.

In July this year, the State Council issued the "winning plan" action blue sky to defend the war of three years, to 2020, the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides were decreased more than 15% over 2015; PM2.5 did not reach the standard level and above city concentration decreased more than 18% over 2015, to cities and urban air quality days ratio reached 80%, and severe the above pollution days ratio decreased more than 25% over 2015. In addition to Tianjin and surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta region, Fen Wei plain has also been included in the key areas.

The metallurgical chamber of Commerce President Zhang Zhixiang said, this year autumn winter spring season three, to win the battle over the blue sky as the goal, increasingly tighter environmental policy, environmental supervision and law enforcement efforts to further strengthen. To the end of October 2020, Tianjin and surrounding, the Yangtze River Delta, such as Fen Wei plain iron and steel enterprises basically completed the transformation of ultra low emissions, new projects must meet the requirements of ultra low emissions, than the "special emission" many strict standards.

The autumn and winter became the first crucial period, since the recent "regional" and "local edition" action plan issued. The ecological environment ministry spokesman Liu Youbin pointed out that the crucial action plan will focus on this year's peak production of high emission industries as comprehensive management, pay close attention to the autumn and winter air pollution effects of heavy pollution weather, an important measure to promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Overall consideration is more emphasis on science policy, precise control, strictly take "across the board", the performance level of pollution emissions, the implementation of differentiated management based on.

Shandong Province, "notice concerning differences in autumn and winter in key industries 2018-2019 annual peak production requires the implementation of organization, Ji'nan, Zibo, Jining, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze 7 city channel steel, coking and foundry enterprises take staggering production in the period from November 15, 2018 to March 15, 2019. Municipalities can extend or shorten the peak production time suitably according to the air quality, but the peak production implementation the shortest time of not less than 2 months, and in 2018 December and 2019 January must include.

In the time of "flexible" at the same time, but also provided more clear and specific, which indicated that pollution emissions, has become the enterprise whether in the autumn and winter the new "stop limit production". Shanxi city in Taiyuan Province recently announced the "2018 to 2019, the comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter assault action program", iron and steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical, foundry coke, high emission industries, the unity of the abolition of the limited production cut-off ratio, according to local conditions to promote industrial enterprises wrong peak production, the implementation of differentiated staggering production, avoid simplification, "one size fits all absolute". At the same time, according to the prediction results of the heating period of monthly air quality, appropriate to shorten or extend the peak production time.

Hebei clear, this winter and next spring, on the part of the completion of the production process of ultra low emission products, in the end of the transformation of enterprises, to achieve the current peak of 20%-30%; only the pollutants emission standards, the low-end products of the enterprise, the peak of 50%-60%; the pollutants can not be stable discharge, does not meet the current industrial policy, or fails to complete the 2018 -2019 comprehensive autumn and winter air pollution governance transformation tasks, comprehensive production management.

To steel as an example, "plan" the Tangshan City 2018-2019 winter peak production of iron and steel industry combined with the policy to encourage and support factors (part of the relocation of production capacity, exit and winter heating tasks, limiting the production of steel relief) the productivity of blast furnace production ratio is about 31.55%, significantly lower than the proportion of 50% last year.

"The winter heating season staggering production efforts to limit production and as expected, the actual yield is small, the market mentality is weak, since the beginning of the November Tangshan wire has price 90-100 yuan / ton." Information Analyst Wang Yun said. Cement also said that the company is not due to the East China region environmental protection policy to stop the kiln production.

Fenwei Energy Ministry of metallurgical industry report shows that in November 8th, Shanxi, Heibei, Shandong, coke prices started no obvious limited supply of coke, relative assurance, steel overall pick enthusiasm is good, but a few relatively in place of steel coke inventory taking into account the heating season limited production, maintenance and steel prices is expected to deteriorate, currently do not deliberately pursue high inventory, temporarily maintain the existing inventory,

Hebei coking enterprises responsible person said, last year the environmental policy capacity is limited, the enterprise was upgraded to make other preparations in advance. For the autumn and winter of this year, the existing environmental protection facilities have been more perfect, advanced productivity, environmental policy has little effect.

It is worth noting that last year the effects of Tianjin and surrounding areas for iron and steel production area, Fen Wei plain region this year the new coke production area, which is part of the coking company is still difficult to meet environmental standards. According to estimates Haitong coal, if this year is "26+2", Fen Wei plain and the Yangtze River Delta coke industry according to 30% production, will bring the average monthly decline of about 3 million 500 thousand tons, equivalent to a month to reduce the supply of 10%, much higher than last year's 5%. At present, environmental protection has entered the November heating season production gradually opened, specific programs announced in Linfen, Lvliang, the overall production in the range of more than 50%, Jiangsu Xuzhou coke enterprises began to gradually limiting the production of 30%-50%, with the November 15th heating start, limited production will gradually expand the scope of supply, coke or to further tension.

However, Shanxi coking enterprises said that part of the local coking enterprises have heating gas, then some coke enterprises operating rate will increase, or increase the market supply of coke. Moreover, Inner Mongolia and other areas of the coke supply was not affected. "Wuhai coke coke prices low inventory, high operating rate, some coke enterprises reached full production." The information of coal chemical industry all senior editor Zhang Ronghuan said, may have some bad winter heating limited production of coke pushing up. (reporter Wang Luliang Qian)

(commissioning editor Ding Yixin and Dong Jing)