Alibaba and other 22 enterprises jointly established business disciplinary Alliance

11 2018 09 08:55 on the source of years:

8, Alibaba, NetEase, the koala gathered, the U.S. group, SF 22 electricity suppliers and logistics enterprises jointly initiated the establishment of electronic commerce in Zhejiang province disciplinary alliance. The alliance will in the province market supervision and Management Bureau and other departments under the guidance of the establishment of the daily working mechanism, to take joint action on the field of electronic commerce joint dishonesty disciplinary.

According to the working mechanism of alliance, alliance members should be in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, establish the basic standard of punishment. Identification of dishonest behavior, establish and update records and archives the main promises, dishonest information sharing.

The alliance will according to the severity of dishonesty, taken to limit new accounts, or delete an existing account, shielding limit release of goods and services, to participate in various marketing or promotional activities, after deducting credit score, credit rating, lower limit account permissions rights, exposure limits, publicity platform settled in e-commerce platform and logistics business restrictions, online advertising promote the classification of disciplinary measures.

A rotating mechanism of alliance member units, in turn served as the lead unit, the rotating period is six months. The first union rotating presidency for the Alibaba group.

At the meeting, the League announced the first batch of Hangzhou science and Technology Co., Ltd. including reputation Yiwu qiusuo Agel Ecommerce Ltd 2 units and 10 individuals, the list of dishonest business. (reporter Qu Lingyan)

(commissioning editor Ding Yixin and Dong Jing)