WeChat 53% users for private enterprises in the manufacturing sector coverage rate of 18%

In November 2018 09, 08:54 source: Chinanews.com

8 days in Beijing issued a report pointed out that WeChat users of private enterprises amounted to 53%, 30% more users for small and micro enterprises. WeChat enterprise covered more than 10 main industries, manufacturing industry accounted for the highest, reaching 18%.

Tencent released data show that as of May 2018, WeChat has penetrated over 50 industries, over 1 million 500 thousand registered enterprises, the overall growth of 180%, the number of active users reached 30 million, the number of users increased 500%, 80% China 500 enterprises have been opened, covering many areas of manufacturing, education, industry, commercial retail, Internet IT/ health care, finance, government etc..

In November 8th, Tencent Inc and China enterprises association signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, released at the same "development of WeChat company and WeChat chief industry white paper".

The manufacturing industry is the national source of wealth creation, economic development the cornerstone of a ring is also the industry of digital, Internet transformation in the most difficult.

Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Chinese Business Association issued a joint working committee, enterprise information China digital research center "WeChat company and WeChat chief industry development white paper" pointed out that WeChat enterprise as "Internet plus" platform, capable of manufacturing information and intelligence to bring tangible benefits, fully meet the information demand of Internet industry.

Take Changan as an example, through the enterprise WeChat after thousands of dealers, Changan Automotive will downstream feedback processing time from the original average 2.13 days to 0.13 days, to enhance the efficiency of 15.38 times, directly address the upstream and downstream enterprises collaboration and communication problems. At the same time, Changan automobile enterprises still in WeChat access to more customized applications. At present, Changan car company WeChat total application number is 72, of which 45 self application, third party application 23, the digital transformation of enterprises has been fully carried out.

According to the third party in the enterprise survey, WeChat coverage of the more than 10 major industries in the field of manufacturing industry accounted for the highest, reaching 18%, significantly higher than other industries. WeChat enterprise users of private enterprises amounted to 53%, 30% more users for small and micro enterprises.

The white paper said, is limited by its own mode of development constraints, small and micro enterprises to realize the digital transformation of enterprises. Provide assistance for the private enterprises and small and micro enterprises through WeChat in the digital management, communication efficiency, internal coordination, through to quickly build information platform to achieve exclusive.

The report disclosed data show that more than 78% of the enterprises development company WeChat invested only in 200 thousand, 50.58% of the enterprises operating companies WeChat annual cost is below 10 thousand, the number of enterprises operating only 71.31% to 5 people, WeChat enterprise effectively for the enterprise to reduce the cost of information technology, to provide efficient computing capability.

In addition, WeChat to promote the "paperless office", protect the environment, energy saving and emission reduction. WeChat handles more than 1 billion documents, equivalent to a reduction of 30 thousand and 5 tons of carbon emissions, planting 96250 trees.

(commissioning editor Ding Yixin and Dong Jing)