The village shop 4 months net profit of 400 thousand! There was this play"

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Once a year the double eleven shopping carnival is coming, we believe that the shopping cart are a collection of many of their favorite products. For this person, is a kind of changing consumer shopping, and for the China economy, retail scale business platform, is to construct a new normal economic operation. But the double eleven Shopping Festival today, it is not a new thing, with big data analysis, logistics network construction, the areas of concern is in the country of consumption upgrade. The selection of goods on the network, supermarket door delivery, the electricity supplier of new retail model circle in remote areas of the villagers shopping dream.

The arrival of new retail model with the balance of electric cars in poor mountainous areas

Xundian province Yunnan County Chicken Street town located in the mountains, at an elevation of 2000 meters or more, because of traffic inconvenience, the villagers here have been mired in poverty, until September this year, just off the poor counties hat.

Delta of Yunnan Province, Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County Chicken Street Town

Xundian County of Yunnan Province town village chicken Street Lee circle, this year just 21 years old, runs an Internet business platform appliance stores. Recently the business is very good, every day he went out a few runs. This morning the customer ordered a TV, logistics vehicles from Kunming in the afternoon came to the village.

In Xundian County of Yunnan Province town villagers Li Yuan Chicken Street

The TV carefully tied, to ensure that the goods will not be damaged, Li Yuan set off. Yunnan Road, a village recently are nearly an hour drive from the town, on the road from time to time in various situations. Because every family have a lot of cattle and sheep, cattle and sheep will often give way to drive the upgrading of the road also let him often need a temporary diversion.

The delivery of Li Yuan Road

Due to the high-speed road repair, several times after some twists and turns, tramp over mountains and through ravines, Li Yuan finally drove to the customer master week home. A 65 inch curved screen TV is the week of the master girl Vivian Chow married when the dowry, Li Yuan appears to be especially careful at the time of discharge.

Delta Li Yuan delivery

Vivian Chow Lee circle store customers, her refrigerator is from Lee circle store, because the experience is very good, and just married her, and decided to buy it from the Li Yuan store tv. Vivian Chow said that Li Yuan's shop can be door-to-door, relatively fast, and the quality of service.

Customer trust in our products in the store, Li Yuan also very happy, decided to take advantage of the wedding, send a cooker thanks.

The Li Yuan TV installation

Say goodbye to the old customers, Li Yuan drove delivery, further second customers the master home, takes over the mountain, opened nearly an hour to get to the mountain.

In the evening, the car was finally opened to the home chef. The master is Li Yuan appliance store in the old customers, his home is open to the butcher's, some time ago, the master bought a freezer in Li Yuan shop, there is a small problem. Li Yuan to put ice broken for a new, but also to pay a taxi fee. Because the quality of the refrigerator, some meat meat has been destroyed, Li Yuan also bear meat money.

Li Yuan is the master on Delta appliances using method

Back to the store, it was already late, Lee circle skip meals in the office out of books computing revenue this month.

Li Yuan also think, his shop was opened in six months of this year, ten to the end of the month just four months time, in this small town market, he not only put 300 thousand yuan investment quickly recovered, and a profit of 400 thousand yuan.

The Li Yuan Internet business platform appliance stores

Li Yuan in the home appliance sales is a little experience is not white, but he joined the Internet retail store can not simply cloud. Li Yuan location, decoration, purchase, sale, every step of retail electricity supplier cloud store specialized sent construction manager.

A business platform for cloud Kunming regional retail operations manager Yang Tianyong is responsible for helping Li Yuan to build one of the person in charge of the shop, the shop he established to assist Li Yuan recently in Yunan Province in the town of 42 stores.

A business platform for cloud Kunming regional retail operations manager Yang Tianyong: Township shop because unlike the city sales scale is so large, the need is more businesses in the customer service service on good intentions, in order to reflect the value of the existence of township shop.

Are you busy with double eleven promotion, Li Yuan received a mobile phone video invitation, a call from Li Yuan's new customers. The conversation, Li Yuancai knew that this yesterday just add friend WeChat was not the villagers in the town, but near the Kowloon Town, now that the Internet business platform has been sinking to his home near the town, specially to contact Li Yuan to buy home appliances.

A customer shopping video

Li Yuan in the business more and more prosperous time, the traditional model of home appliance business is more and more bad. The main street in the town, many home appliance stores have been closed or for rent.

The traditional model of home appliance stores

Not far from the chicken Street town if the town of Austin, traditional mode of electrical shop owner Zhang Farong is his appliances stores how to survive and worrying. There are hundreds of square meters of home appliance stores before the business is very hot, but the traditional stores because there are a large amount of money to buy goods goods, therefore cannot provide a lot of goods display. But because of the information asymmetry, new appliances are often faced with outdated Zhang Farong emerge in an endless stream, the goods sold. Now, the villagers through the network, to understand more clearly the price, the higher the brand and quality of the demand, his store of goods sold is pile up like a mountain hand.

The traditional mode of home appliance stores Zhang Farong

Zhang Farong said, the past two years, his business has become more and more difficult, the traditional home appliance profits are lower, the most obvious example is the inventory pressure, a lot of goods. Zhang Farong said that the traditional model of the electrical shop does not Yahuo and no, if three months not sell the goods, the price will be lower profits.

The Zhang Farong home inventory

In the chicken Street in the town of Lee circle store, another of his business and home. Li Yuan's friend Ma Tao, he always saw other people play the balance of the car on TV and the city, my heart has been more itch, day is just the time to try, he quickly to Li Yuan's..

And try a few times, Ma Tao has fully mastered the essentials of the balance of the car to walk, he is ready to make a prompt decision, start with a balance of the car from the Li Yuan side.

The balance of the car a Li Yuan shop

This is not the first time Li Yuan sold so trendy products in the township market, recently, through the retail cloud online store installation of the TV in front of the villagers living in the mountains for generations to buy a lot before the rural market is difficult to see the goods, such as massage chairs and treadmill.

The Internet business platform appliance stores

According to statistics, only in August, from the Internet business platform is located in the county town on the market 4000 stores sales increase, the average increase in sales of high-end products reached 922%, including air conditioners, refrigerators and other high-end appliance sales average growth rate of 1063%, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robot and other new living small appliances the average sales increase of 818%.

Half hour observation

All new retail store sales growth higher in the country of the goods not only high-end refrigerators, air conditioning, and the sweeping robot, vacuum cleaner, water purifier. The city in the consumption field is the trend of the commodity, is now hot on the stage of rural consumption.

9 2018 20, the central office of the State Council, specifically, to conform to the consumption upgrade trend, efforts to increase the supply of high-quality products and services. Therefore, these Jingdong, Suning Internet business platform, online and offline integration under the new mode of retail shopping, let city rural consumers have a comprehensive product information, faster logistics speed, steady customer service service. On the surface is to eliminate the gap, the circulation of commodities in fact, is really eliminate consumption barriers between urban and rural areas. We hope that more and more high quality products and services into the village, the new retail electricity providers more become a tool to boost the economy.

(commissioning editor Ding Yixin and Dong Jing)