"Double 11" routine deep! A look at the play fiercer than tigers at a discount of two block five

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Tmall "double 11" page. The official website screenshot

"Not every morning wake up your alarm."

"Is the dream?"

"Wrong," double 11 "to chase you praise people."

With the "double 11" is approaching, all to you praise people is more and more?

Maybe you already know this "double 11" gameplay, either passive or active. This year, Tmall launched the first "double 11" "double 11 partner" program - as long as consumers use Ali's APP, can accumulate energy value for Tmall shopping envelopes.

Partner? Your mind is not immediately appear a partner, a path through the minute, completed a "small target", go on the pinnacle of life?

But the actual point of view, many consumers of the "double 11" play not to pay, various users is constantly tucao .

"One person at a time even if, every day, bored to death."

"This game, and I was the title, because these share."

"You don't believe it, I was two years bestie live together in peace together to pull the black, because did not give her praise."

"Lazan save energy, so the various unknown gifts, really as a direct discount please!"

Help set like page. The official website screenshot

This accumulation of gameplay isn't that a little of course good?.

"Five to six years without contact classmates, because of this again launched a message."

"Three years apart the predecessor, and because this with WeChat."

"A lot of friends told me, give me a 10 yuan red envelope, and don't harass. I suddenly felt the rich door opened to me."

"I was an introverted person, because the skin is thicker, I just want to share with you, even if you hate feeling."

However, as long as enough of overtime, when the cattle and horses. Similarly, as long as the goods is affordable, thick skinned indifferent.

You want more, you set like returns and you are not proportional to the thickness .

"Don't get a few dollars owed one million", this is a true portrayal of double 11 "set of praise.

"A look at the play fiercer than tigers, a discount of two block five."

"The last or give me a golden eggs are justified, because share links set like, I was kicked out of the eight WeChat group."

Many netizens make complaints about. screenshot

And this is known as social electricity providers play is full of routines, game bow is no turning back, as long as the participation will continue, otherwise come to naught .

"A few days to play, only to find that let me help the point of praise is not enough, because lose, before the accumulated energy is gone." Have participated in the activities of users told reporters on the new network.

The key is to finally get what you are absolutely ignorant of disclosure is 100, energy for 1 yuan a red envelope, but if there is a large amount of money? Red is a general audience, no more disclosure rules.

Some shops provided a single red envelope can stack up to 10. If it is 1 yuan a red envelope, means that the preferential discount of 20 yuan, said it was not big.

"If we can finally give one thousand yuan spree also can feel."

Data figure: the "double 11" during the logistics staff are sorting express. Zhang Yun photo

You want more. From the perspective of historical experience, preferential is not too large. For example, the 2018 Spring Festival in Wufu, over 250 million people gathered Wufu, 2 yuan per capita. Finally will say "participation" to comfort you.

At present, even the set like master, energy is probably around 20 thousand, converted into red envelopes, 200 yuan.

It's just this year "double 11" slot, the previous routine still exists .

In general, businesses may require consumers to set time payment, but will have to cancel the order; deposit and the deposit is not refundable, and.

There may exist after the first price discount; discount and inconsistent with the actual situation of fiction; full cut only a single category or individual stores, resulting in consumers in order to full cut buying more and more money a lot of flowers.

Every year to participate in "double 11" activities of Xiao Jie (a pseudonym) is exhausted, she said, "now the" double 11 "too much trouble, all red, seeds, prepayments and other combination of full cut too burning head, go buying more and more come together."

Xiao Jie also said that some of the flagship store in the past "double 11" end to business platform rebate, will compete for the industry or sales of the first credit first, and then an hour or even the last minute to start selling bags, one thousand yuan a, a few hundred dollars are there believe consumers to buy and send you a genuine or sample, then refund money.

Electronic commerce research center relevant person in charge of an interview with reporters to remind consumers, "double 11" period, all the activities of the business rules are not the same, online shopping consumers must understand clearly before promotion rules, retained promotions screenshots and commitment screenshots and other businesses. (reporter Wu Tao)

(commissioning editor Ding Yixin and Dong Jing)