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Guest introduction

Wang Yu, master of economics and MBA degree, graduated from Southern Illinois University in the United states. Roland Begg, Bi Bo, has worked in the company, hanwei. The current chairman of Spring Airlines, CST director, Wing Chun investment chairman, executive director of the company, business director, Hongkong Spring International Ecological Protection Agency Director, chairman, and executive director of investment and financing lease in the spring and autumn spring and autumn home executive director.

The guest view

Wang Yu members: to gradually implement the implementation of the system of paid vacation leave in autumn

Wang Yu pointed out that between the annual national day and new year's day, the three-month time is not a public holiday. He hoped that through the use of floating holiday system, so that the country can according to their own characteristics of autumn holiday hugh.

Wang Yu members: give visitors more choice to let them spend the money

Wang Yu said, 14 years ago, the airline has just started, then China civil aviation tourists is on a business trip, while in developed countries, 80%-90% is a personal trip. Spring Airlines policymakers believe that China aviation market future will be the same as in developed countries, personal consumption as the main body.

Wang Yu members: improve the airspace resources to improve flight punctuality rate

Wang Yu said that in the next five years Chinese civil aviation development speed, the total transport turnover, passenger transport volume rose by an annual average of 10.8% and 10.4%, significantly higher than the national economic growth rate. Although in recent years in spatial resource management some improvement, but the current situation is still affecting the development of civil aviation airspace resource problems.

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