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The reform and opening up is a big book "industry and technology" this chapter is very heavy

Today we read this book to see the reform and opening up, the development of manufacturing industry "industry and technology" in this chapter, let people feel heavy and heavy. Starting from the real starting point of reform and opening up, to see the historical logic of economic reform and opening up process from weak to strong, from small to big enterprises reflect, from the economic development and social progress trend, stimulate Dili endeavour, bravely power, this is a kind of historical materialism attitude.

The new era of reform and opening up further

In the new era, promote the reform and opening up in a higher starting point, higher goals, light position and attitude is not enough, but also real precision measure. The development of the topic, deepen the reform of the. To be closely linked to China's social contradictions, fully understanding and study the new situation of reform and opening up of the times, and overall system, the deepening reform and opening-up promote and complement each other. Proceed from the overall situation of the development of the reform, strengthen top-level design and overall planning, coordination, the same direction to grasp the reform initiatives, more push helps to solve the unbalanced development of the insufficiency of the reform approach, a new measure to a quality change, efficiency change, dynamic change.

Kung Fu under the foot of reform

The Eastern Han Dynasty XunYue presented in "Shen Jian", "not empty words, do not listen to the floating operation, do not adopt Chinese names, pseudo matter of fashion". It can be said that the empty words, floating technique, Chinese name, pseudo things and do solid work against. Route map of Party members and cadres will become the central comprehensive deepening reform work performance, in particular do not empty words, do not listen to the floating operation, do not adopt Chinese names, pseudo matter of fashion, the real Kung Fu under the foot of reform. Only when the reform to promote the school, and when the reform doer, formalism and bureaucratism, and resolutely implement the conference meeting, in order to get rid of the wrong ideas and practices document the implementation of documents, and resolutely reject "work out" discount ", and to implement the spirit of a nail, adhere to a blueprint drawn in the end, a what a thing to do, and constantly promote the reform initiatives, and air plant.

Let the world sit up and take notice of the new create greater miracle

For 40 years, from the introduction to go out, to build a "The Belt and Road" from the accession to the world trade organization, Chinese consecutive years of contribution to world economic growth rate of over 30%, has become the main source of power stabilizer and world economic growth. Today, China people can proudly say that the reform and opening up the Chinese the second revolution not only changed the Chinese, has a profound impact on the world! Because of this, the general secretary Xi Jinping in Guangdong free trade zone Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou area study stressed that "the road of reform and opening up is right, must redouble their efforts and perseverance, One principle runs through it all".

Carry forward the courage to dare to try, dare to be the first of the spirit of reform

World without end of reform and opening up. Over the past 40 years, China people with an indomitable enterprising spirit and innovative practice compose a surge high and sweep forward, the Chinese nation unremitting self-improvement and pioneering spirit of new epic. The reform and opening up and then starting to insist the strategic target, continue to carry forward the courage to dare to try, dare to be the first of the spirit of reform, bold exploration and development, we will continue to pass through the narrow wins, let the new era of socialism China showed greater vitality.

Promoting reform and opening up, add new energy development

Each round of reform is always accompanied by a new round of opening up, and the deeper opening is always pushing the reform towards further depth. Today, Chinese the reform and opening up has entered a new historical position. Look inward, deepening the reform into the deep water area, to break through the barriers of ideology, break the interests curing barriers to further stimulate the vitality, activate the basic system experience, as all need to encourage cadres, promoting reform and opening up. Look out of the complex international situation, increasing the uncertainty of world economy, how to make better use of the world market and promote the economic development of high quality, also need to force open. The nineteen Party Congress "to promote the formation of all-round opening up a new pattern", stressed that "the basic national policy of opening to the outside world China, adhere to open the door to engage in the construction of" higher level development of open economy". Unswervingly to promote reform and opening up, to the power to open a new realm, we can usher in the development of the.

To promote high quality China economic future

Next, how to reform to promote high quality development?

To deepen the reform, to highlight, to improve the system of property rights and the elements of market allocation as the focus, accelerate the reform of the economic system.

"Property is the most effective incentive, market is the most effective way to allocate resources, they must be synchronized in order to effectively promote the reform of the economic system reform." Yang Weimin, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee lists the key tasks of economic reform next.

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