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People's Daily: to promote private enterprises towards high quality development of new steps

The private enterprise of our country is to promote the supply side structural reform, promote an important subject in the construction of high quality development and modernization of the economic system. Private enterprises to achieve high quality development, for our country to accelerate economic development track into high quality has important significance.
Recently, some private enterprises have encountered many difficulties and problems in the process of business development, some difficulties and problems such as financing difficulties, financing expensive, relying on their own is difficult to solve. The parties concerned to implement the central spirit, to solve these problems, to create a good environment for the development of private enterprises.

People's Daily: other state-owned economy and private economy

The basic economic system of public ownership and common development of multi ownership economy, is an important part of the socialist system Chinese characteristics, but also improve the socialist market economy. 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economic development can create a miracle Chinese, state-owned economy and private economy have made a great contribution. In the new era of economic development, achieve economic strong goal, must further promote the state-owned economy and private economy complement each other, promoting all economic complementarity, mutual promotion and common development.

People's Daily: a new generation of private entrepreneurs to be enthusiastic and press on

"A new generation of private entrepreneurs to inherit and develop the old hard struggle and daring, focusing on industry, doing fine business spirit, and strive to enterprises stronger and better." Private enterprises in the forum, the general secretary Xi Jinping focus on the healthy development of the private economy, and proposed that the high hopes for the healthy growth of private entrepreneurs, encouraged the private entrepreneurs to actively enterprising, be enthusiastic and press on confidence, stimulate their business development in the drive to overcome the difficulties.

People's Daily: correct understanding of difficulties for the development of private economy

"I believe that as long as we adhere to the basic economic system, implement the party and state policy, private economy will achieve greater development." General secretary Xi Jinping for the majority of private entrepreneurs to cheer encouraging, also put forward clear requirements of Party committees and governments at all levels. Conscientiously study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, in-depth study and solve encountered in the development of private enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in difficulties, focus on the 6 aspects of policy initiatives, China's private economy will move towards a broader stage, showing more vigor and vitality.

People's Daily: financing from private enterprises closer to

Money like water, not turbulent flowing stretches continuously, land will not flood, drought, fertile. Keep the financial policies of moderation, continuity and stability, so that enterprises especially private enterprises have a sustained and stable financial support, the foundation will be the long-term development of a more solid.
In order to solve the problem of private enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprise financing and financial capital of less than recent problems, the people's Bank, Yin Baojian continuous introduction of the policy, to give financial support to private enterprises, private enterprises to broaden the financing channels, to help enterprises solve the bail-out. A distinctive feature of these policies is to highlight the increased accessibility, financing of private enterprises, private enterprises have more close access to funds flowing water.

People's Daily: reassurance, peace and development

Private economy is a huge space for development, private enterprises limitless future. In the face of difficulties and problems encountered in the development of private economy, Party committees and governments at all levels to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the requirements, provide more opportunities to create a good environment for the development of private economy, a new generation of private entrepreneurs to inherit and develop the old hard struggle and daring, focusing on industry, doing fine business spirit, the private economy of our country we will be able to achieve greater development, create more new miracle.

People's Daily: to allow private enterprises to move towards a broader stage

From this forum, the Central Committee of the party support for private enterprises, aiming at the practical problems of private enterprises reflect the strong, reflected the real action. The forum put forward six policy measures, every move is "dry cargo", to issue "seven inch". The future can be reasonably expected, a series of "meaningful, temperature, perception of" reform measures will be introduced, the policy effects will be further released, solve the private economy in taxation, financing as pressing danger and so on, let the private enterprises have more to gain a sense of policy.

People's Daily: private enterprise growth, not only weakened

People often use "Wuliuqibajiu" to describe the important role of the private economy, private economy contributed more than 50% tax, more than 60% GDP, technology innovation more than 70%, more than 80% of urban employment, the number of enterprises with more than 90%. There is another phenomenon that can be described as "one to twenty-eight": China's entry into the world's top 500 enterprises, in 2010 only 1 of private enterprises, now has 28 home. It can be said that without the development of private enterprises, there is no stable development of the economy, support the development of private enterprises is to support the development of the whole national economy. An important function of private economy, has become the status, from the Party Central Committee to the basic consensus of the whole society.

People's Daily: enhance the private cultural enterprises gain a sense of policy

40 years of reform and opening up, China's private cultural enterprises in promoting the level of cultural consumption of urban and rural residents and promote the development of cultural industry has played an important role, has made an important contribution to enhancing the national cultural soft power. But we should also see that the cultural industry policy system is not perfect, some policy is too principle, together with the local government without the timely introduction of implementing rules or measures, some related policies and measures are not timely follow-up. In this regard, all localities and departments should proceed from the actual work of art and improve management level, strengthen policy coordination, detailed and quantitative measures, formulate related initiatives, promote the policy landing, fine drop, implement, let private cultural enterprises from policy to enhance the sense of.

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